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Membership in the Order of Descendants of Pirates & Privateers is open to men and women 21 years of age and over, who are lineally descended from any of the following, of the period 1609-1865:
  • Officers and Crew of Pirate Ships, of any Nation, so long as such Pirates were of, or engaged the American Colonies or Nation.
  • Officers and Crew of American Privateers, including those of the Confederacy,
  • Coastal Raiders,
  • Shore-based parties engaged in the diversion and scuttling of vessels,
  • Any person who engaged in the establishing, supporting, and/or maintaining any of the above. For instance, ship owners, investors, bonders, those issuing Letters of Marque, etc. The involvement must be direct- those merely employed in ship-building do not necessarily qualify.
Members of the Society shall be referred to as "Shipmates."


You will need to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

First, it's most likely already on your machine, since most professional software makers install it for you. If you don't have it, you can click here Acrobat Reader and download it for free. I suggest downloading the form to your hard drive first and then open it with Acrobat.

To save it to your hard drive:

  1. Click on it with your right mouse button
  2. In Internet Explorer - click on "Save Target As"
    In Netscape - click on "Save Link As"
  3. Keep track of the folder that you save it to, so you can find it easier.
Application Instructions - the instructions you'll need to join.

The Application
P&P_application.doc (81 kb)
P&P_application.pdf (263 kb)

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